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What Brake Pads for Towing You Should Buy?

Brake pads are the standard components in the braking system of an automobile and its importance is forming the core safety of a vehicle. Without one, the wheels will wear down and the breaking power will be reduced and thus, compromise the braking system. The brake pads are being used on the disc brakes and it contains friction material which increases the stopping power.

The pads are cheap and replaceable in comparison to replacing the entire wheel. They’re sourced from multiple materials that have a direct effect on its performance, longevity and of course, price. If you want to know about your options for brake pads, then better keep on reading.

Metallic pads – actually, these pads are the most used in entire car industry. They’re quite durable, affordable and offering remarkable performance. Cars that are not used for aggressive driving are where these brake pads excel the best. While it is heavy, metallic pads may potentially affect the fuel economy of the car but don’t you worry for the differences aren’t high. There’s great heat transference when using metallic pads at the same time.

Organic pads – for organic pads, as what the name suggests, they are made using organic materials like glass, rubber and resin as the binding agent. Because of the reason that asbestos is able to dissipate heat effectively, it was the most preferred material back then. The dust created on the other hand causes danger not just to the environment but also, to people’s health and therefore, it was replaced with natural materials. Find facts from our site to learn more.

In comparison to metallic pads, these organic pads are lighter and produce little noise. They’re ideal for smaller vehicles and cars that are not for aggressive driving. But its softness indicates they can wear out faster and therefore, more dust is produced.

Semi-metallic pads – in relation to these best brake pads for towing, these are made out of resin and metal fibers. Even when it’s cold, the grip is simply remarkable and the price is budget friendly. At the same time, it does not wear out the brake rotor that fast. But the thing with these semi-metallic pads, they have a shorter lifespan and has more noise than organic pads.

Ceramic pads – it is highly recommended to make use of ceramic brake pads especially for high performance vehicles which witness high speeds, frequent stops and sharp turns. Because of that, it is also the most expensive among all other options and they have a tendency to last longer for it doesn’t have to be repaired often. In regards to dust and brake noise, it is just minimal which is essential particularly among aggressive drivers. For more readings, visit

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